Crespo quality


Crespo Quality of materials

Our long experience of more than 50 years manufacturing metal structures and indoor and camping furniture allows us to combine comfort and minimum space, structures designed to adapt to the anatomy provide a comfort typical for indoor furniture.

Aluminium-magnesium alloy combined with multifiber fabric of high resistance made of polyester and thermofixed PVC.

Screws specially designed for CRESPO allow an easy dismounting and any possible replacement of fabric or repairs.

Profiles specially designed for our products, reinforced inside and with rounded corners.

The joints of the legs are made with the same aluminium structure properly formed and protected by plastic parts to prevent possible chafing.


Crespo Ergonomics

Lumbar support, special design of the backrest with a wrap-around design, ergonomic armrest of attractive design, produced with plastics and technical fibres that give it the maximum resistance and the same weight.

Adaptability of the seat, specially studied for the curves of the human body and maximum comfort.

Care down to the smallest detail. Curvature of the back at the height of the headrest.

The design of the legs facilitates the use because the curved backward position allows the foot support when standing up and sitting down. At the same time it works more perpendicularly to the ground and increases the resistance and reliability.


Crespo Safety

The safety of the Crespo products is a priority. To prevent and avoid injuries, the ends of the tubes are protected with plastic parts.

Rounded tubes avoid cuts, increase the resistance and are a characteristic feature.

Certificate of quality and safety TÜV GS. Stabilizers reduce the sways and avoid scratches on the floors of the tents, providing stability on all soil types.

Design in 3D with the most advanced programs.

Resistance study of the components by finite elements engineering.

Always looking for the safety of the user and the functionality and aesthetics of the product.


Crespo Functionality

The recliners have infinite positions of use, from the most comfortable and reclined, providing the maximum rest, to the most straight making reading easier or giving comfort at mealtimes.

The CRESPO versatility allows to fold the chairs occupying the minimum space, so that they can be stored very easily.

The fabrics, specially designed for outdoor use, allow an easy cleaning and are resistant to chemical agents and UV rays, they are transpirable and repel humidity. The joints are made by high frequency welding, which ensures a perfect union that is not attacked by humidity or UV rays.

Wide range of colours. The beach chairs have comfortable carrying handles and a useful pocket.

Functionality: tables

Legs adjustable to irregular surfaces thanks to our braking system with height indicator. The fixing of the legs in 3 easy steps allows that the tables are stable and secure. They are only 6cm thick when folded. They can be very easily folded and unfolded.

All our table tops are resistant to humidity and high temperatures which gives them an extraordinary durability. We have a big variety of accessories, as the leg that allows to use only half the table, or the table top to transform a stool very quickly and easily into a table.


Crespo Quality certificates

Indual has implanted a quality management system which monitors all the production processes during the phases of tube bending, clothing and final assembly, since all the processes are integrated in the factory.

Our products are guaranteed for three years (3+1 extending the guarantee) from date of purchase against manufacturing defects, excluding their abnormal use.

The products we market, before being commercialised, are subjected to the most demanding tests of resistance and fatigue, according to European standards, passing satisfactorily the tests described in the European norms EN 581_1_2_3 referring to security, stability, structural resistance and constructive characteristics of camping chairs, armchairs and tables for outdoor use. They also comply with the requirements established in the German equipment safety law of 2001.

Indual Mobiliario realises an important effort by system and product audits, and also carries out periodical tests in accredited laboratories, guarantying a continuous improvement of products and services.